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What is the difference between bond and index?
Bond paper starts out in a 17 x 22 inch sheet, which is cut down into quarters that result in 8½ x 11 inch sheets. The Bond weight is determined by the initial weight of 500 sheets of the 17 x 22 inch sheets. Index stock on the other hand is a heavier weight, which is determined by 500 sheets of 25½ x 30½ inch sheets. See the media conversion chart at the end of this document.
Why does my media jam after 20 sheets?
Some papers have a coating, dust, chaff or pre-printed ink that comes off on the feed rollers and may result in a build up that makes the rollers smooth or slippery causing the paper to slip or stop. Pre-printed letterheads or forms should be UV set to prevent ink from transferring to the printer mechanism.
My copier is not powering on, what should I check for?
Possible causes could be the following:
1) Be sure the copier is plugged into a grounded outlet.
2) Be sure the power switch is on.
3) Be sure the side cover is closed securely. Be sure the front cover is closed securely.
The Power save indicator is on, what does this mean?
Two possible causes are: The copier is in preheat mode, press any key to cancel the preheat mode. The copier is in auto power shut-off mode. Press the print key to cancel auto power shut-off
Why is my copier making blank copies?
Make sure the original is face down on the platen (glass copy surface).
My copies are too light or too dark, what should I check for?
Possible causes to correct are:
1) The original image might be too light or dark, adjust the exposure manually to compensate.
2) The copier might be in automatic exposure mode, adjust the automatic exposure manually.
3) The copier might be in photo mode, cancel the photo mode exposure
Smudges and dirt appears on my copies, how can I correct this?
Smudges and dirt can be caused by the following: Original table or original cover is dirty. Clean it regularly. See your manual for details. Original is smudged or blotchy. Use a clean original.
Why do my copies have stripes on them?
The transfer charger should be cleaned. See your operation manuals for details.
What are the possible causes of paper misfeeds?
Paper misfeeds can be caused by the following problems:
Using non-standard paper. Use standard paper and feed special papers through the manual bypass. See your operation manual for details.
Damp or curled paper can cause a misfeed. Store copy paper flat in the wrapper in a dry location.
Are there pieces of paper inside the copier? Remove all pieces of misfeed paper.
Paper guides in the paper tray need to be set correctly. Set guides properly depending on paper size being used.
Do not overfill paper tray. Remove excess paper from the paper tray.
Why do my images rub off the copy easily?
The paper being used could be too heavy. Use paper within specified range. The paper being used could also be damp. Replace any damp paper with dry copy paper. If the copier is not going to be used for a length of time, remove the paper from the paper tray and store it in its wrapper in a dry location
What is the difference between thermal fax machines and thermal transfer?
Thermal fax machines use thermal paper rolls. Faxes and copies are printed onto the paper using heat. Thermal Transfer technology uses plain paper and a film ribbon to print faxes and copies onto the paper.
Should I buy a laser fax machine or a thermal transfer fax machine?
Both units use plain paper to print faxes and make copies. Laser machines use toner and a drum like a laser printer. Some laser fax machines can be used also as a laser printer.
Do I need a separate telephone line for my fax machine?
No. Most of our units have a function that will automatically answer an incoming fax or allow you to screen the call before receiving the fax.
My fax machine is giving me a paper jam message, yet I do not have one. How do I clear the message on the screen?
Follow these steps:
1) Unplug the unit from the wall.
2) Open the cover and remove the thermal paper from the unit and close the cover.
3) Hold down the start and stop keys at the same time and then plug the unit back. Release the start and stop keys and the display should read "OUT OF PAPER".
4) Open the cover and reinsert the thermal paper roll and then close cover. The display should return to the date and time.
My fax unit cannot receive an incoming fax when it is connected to an answering machine. How do I correct this?
1) Verify that the hookup is correct. The phone line of the fax machine should run directly from the RJ11c wall jack to the TEL LINE of the fax machine. The phone line accompanied with the answering machine should be plugged into the TEL SET position of the fax machine.
2) Make sure the reception mode is set to AUTO on the fax unit.
3) Program the fax unit to recognize your answering machine. To accomplish this, please follow the procedure listed below: Press the FUNCTION key Press the number 4 key on the dial pad Press the # key on the dial pad 9 times until you see TAD CONNECTED in the LCD screen. Press the number 1 key for YES to allow the fax unit and the answering machine to work together.
4)The next immediate setting of QUIET DETECT TIME will appear in the screen. The setting of 04 should be used.
What should I do if I receive an incoming fax and it is blank?
Please refer to your instruction manual on how to install your paper in the fax unit. Thermal paper has one coating that must be facing the thermal head to gather enough heat to produce an image. For fax model series UX-106 & UX-108, the shiny side of the paper should be up and for UX-107/107A model series, the shiny side of the paper should be down
What is a Toner Pirate?
Toner Pirates typically try to trick companies into giving out information about their copier. They mislead you into thinking you are dealing with your local copier company, or they make several calls into the business, gathering bits of information each time. Typically they will deal with employees not used to ordering supplies, or not familiar with the office machines.

Train Your Staff: Train your employees or volunteers, especially new ones & those who answer the telephone or who provide maintenance or support services. If your employees are not familiar with certain callers, advise them to say something like, "I am not authorized to order anything. You will have to speak to the person in charge of ordering supplies and get a purchase order."

A Toner Pirate calls a business to determine what type of copier they use. They might state that he doesn't want to sell you anything; he is just taking a survey. It seems like harmless information to give out to a stranger on the phone--which is why hundreds of people fall into this trap.

Once the fraudulent telemarketer has the copier information, he waits a few days or a week and calls back. This time, he might represent himself as the local copier service dealer, armed with specific information on the company's copier. They may say they are having a closeout sale on toner and that they could offer the company a great deal. Or may say prices are going up and the customer should buy before new price takes effect. The callers are smooth and convincing.

Toner pirates will ship the company second-grade toner, with only a couple of cartridges per case, instead of the normal number that a customer expects in a case. And the price is sky-high, as much as $400, giving the scammer a 600 to 700 percent profit. The scammers count on these invoices slipping through the cracks in the accounting department and being paid

The type of toner a copier uses varies depending on the number of copies per minute it produces, so it is important to use the right toner. If you put the wrong toner in the copier, it can really have negative effects on the reliability, durability and life of the copier.

Toner pirates disguise themselves well. They use post office boxes and do not give out their phone numbers. The label on their packages is from the toner company, and a shipping company ships out the boxes with that label, unaware of the scam.

If you feel you have been scammed by a toner pirate, call your local dealer or the SC Attorney Generals office.

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